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Home electrical safety with Cremorne, Richmond and Yarra City electricians

December 3, 2014

Home safety and your Yarra City electrician

With the help of a licensed electrician you can keep yourself safe from electrical accidents around the home

Safety in the home is vital when it comes to all sources of electricity and electrical appliances. You can keep yourself and your family members safe from electrical incidents and accidents with the help of your Cremorne, Richmond and Yarra City electrician.

Many electrical accidents can be avoided. Some of the most common mistakes that have led to injuries include:

  • Not properly maintaining electrical appliances and home electrical systems
  • Not using a licensed electrician for all electrical work and repairs
  • Using faulty or damaged electrical appliances.

Our licensed electrician can carry out a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out. In Victoria these are referred to as a Home Safety Inspection (HSI) and involves an inspection and assessment of the condition of the existing electrical installation. Particular attention is paid to:

  • Electrical circuits and equipment – is there any overload?
  • Is there any electrical work that has not been carried out by a licensed electrician and is defective?
  • Are there any potential danger spots in the electrical circuits?
  • Is there sufficient earthing/bonding for all electrical circuits?

Any electrical safety concerns or deficiencies are identified and noted on the Certificate of Home Safety Inspection which is issued within two days of the inspection.

You can do your bit too! Prior to your Yarra City electrician arriving, do a quick one-minute safety check of your home and make a list of any concerns you have. Take note of the following:

  • Are there any power points that are damaged, cracked or coming away from the wall?
  • Is there a safety switch installed?
  • Are there any electrical appliances that you think may be damaged?
  • Are your electrical circuit breakers tripping frequently?
  • Do the lights dim or flicker when certain appliances are used, such as the vacuum cleaner?
  • Are there any power points that do not take three-prong grounded plugs?
  • Are there any switches, power points or other electrical system surfaces that are warm to touch or give a little electric shock?

Remember that only a qualified and insured electrician can provide the necessary testing and inspections to guarantee the electrical work and appliances in your home, as well as ensuring your safety and that of your family members. Contact Victorian Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd for professional and prompt home electrical services.