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Victorian Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd

About Victorian Electrical Contractors, Cremorne, Richmond and Yarra City

With more than a decade’s industry experience in residential, commercial and industrial electrical installation and maintenance, Jess Kindred launched Victorian Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd with the express intention of improving and developing the availability of electrical services to clients in and around Yarra City, particularly Cremorne and Richmond.

By providing superior services to clients, timely business practices and exceptional customer service, Victorian Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd continues to achieve respect from industry professionals and clients alike with an expertise and attention to detail for all jobs, from domestic work in family homes to fast-paced nationally recognised construction sites.

For best-practice electrical services, contact the electrician Yarra City residents and businesses rely on – Victorian Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd. We service  the City of Yarra, including the Abbotsford, Burnley, Collingwood, Cremorne, Fitzroy and Richmond regions.


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