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Victorian Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd

Electrical maintenance, Cremorne, Richmond and Yarra City

The importance of electrical maintenance cannot be overestimated. Electrical faults can potentially cause serious damage to buildings as well as people, including electrical shocks, fires and more. Preventative electrical maintenance is a vital part of general building upkeep, whether for commercial, industrial or residential premises. By carrying out regular and scheduled inspections, small problems can be identified and electrical repairs carried out before they grow into larger problems. This could include something as small as the replacement of lighting with energy saving bulbs or as extensive as electrical rewiring.

Victorian Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd can perform regular maintenance inspections at your property. Our licensed electricians will assess your needs and determine a maintenance schedule based on the age of the building and the complexity of existing electrical circuits, systems and appliances. Our maintenance electrician will then carry out any electrical repair as required.

Contact us for professional and expert electrical maintenance services including:

  • Residential maintenance and repairs
  • Commercial maintenance and repairs, including restaurants, schools and businesses
  • House rewiring
  • Industrial maintenance and repairs.

Our master electricians also carry out data cable installation and provide a 24-hour emergency electrical service. Available in Yarra City suburbs such as Fitzroy, Burnley, Abbotsford and Collingwood.